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French software company Dataiku raises $ 28 million

French software company Dataiku raises $ 28 million

Less than a year after having raised 14 million (approximately EUR 11.8 million), the company doubles the Dataiku. On Wednesday, September 6, the software publisher announced a new round, which saw the US fund Battery Ventures enter its capital, alongside funds FirstMark, Serena Capital and Alven. Amount of the transaction: 28 million dollars (23.5 million euros).

Founded in France in 2013, Dataiku markets a collaborative solution for processing big data, called Dataiku Data Science Studio. “It allows us to work together big data specialists who are the” data analysts “or” data scientists “and people who have business knowledge, but have no notion of code,” says Clément Sténac, co-founder of the company.

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There are many use cases, from the e-commerce site, which has to analyze large volumes of data to better know and retain its customers, to manufacturers who benefit from the ever-increasing connectivity of machines to carry outpredictive maintenance of equipment.

“Move to industrialization”

Dataiku currently employs around a hundred people, three quarters of whom are based in France. Since 2016, its head office has been transferred to the United States, thanks to its new shareholding. She has also opened an office in London and plans to settle soon in Asia.

The new fundraising should allow it to take a new step in its development . “We have passed the stage of survival and growth. Now, it is a question of moving towards industrialization, “ stresses Mr. Sténac. Hence the strengthening of the commercial and technical-commercial teams of the company. The goal is to double at least annually the revenue of the company in the two years to come .

This new fundraising is “arriving faster than we thought” , recognizes Clement Sténac, and this because of “a very positive response from the international market  “ , but also a sector already under way consolidation. “Our market is exploding, but we are also witnessing a rapprochement between players who have very specialized but complementary specialties,” he says. A move that could weaken Dataiku, whose solution is intended to be more generalist.

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