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IT giant Oracle funds anti-Google organization

IT giant Oracle funds anti-Google organization

The “Google Transparency Report”, which unveiled information on the links between Google and the White House, is, among others, funded by this large company. THE WORLD | 22.08.2016 at 11:35 Subscribe from 1 € React

Oracle has been in conflict for some years with Google, for a copyright case. Although it is dedicated to economic transparency, the American organization Campaing for Accountability, created in 2015, has always refused to reveal the names of those who finance it. Last spring, this organization whose objective is to “expose bad behavior” of companies launched a project specifically devoted to Google, the ” Google Transparency Project”. He is particularly interested in the lobbying efforts of this company, mainly with the White House. Fortune magazine questioned the source of funds for this organization to conduct its investigations , and finally discovered that Oracle , a computer giant, funded, in part, its existence. After having initially refused to admit, the company finally admitted: “Oracle is actually a contributor (among others) of the Transparency Project. This is important information that the public must know, ” said Friday, August 19, its vice president, Ken Glueck, in the columns of the magazine . Oracle is known for its hostility towards Google. After a long legal battle, the company lost in May its $ 9 billion lawsuit against Google. Oracle accused it of having used, without paying license, features of its Java program to design the Android mobile operating system . After six years of litigation, the court finally ruled in favor of Google last May. But Oracle does not intend to stay there and claimed last week a new trial – which could be the third in the case. Read also: Google wins a major legal battle against Oracle Links with the White House “The Google Transparency Project is a research project to help the general public to monitor the impact of this company on our government, our politics and our lives” , can one read on the initiative website : “Google is among the strongest advocates of transparency in government, business and society at large, but does not subscribe to this level of transparency itself. Although it incites others to open up, the company is very opaque about its own operations and agreements with the government. ” In partnership with specialized media like The Intercept , the Google Transparency Project has for example revealed information on the links between the Obama administration and Google, relying in particular on the number of visits by representatives of the company to the House. Blanche – more than 400 since 2009. Other than Oracle, the other entities that finance Campaign for Accountability are not known. Microsoft , which has also been in conflict with Google for a long time , said it was not part of it

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