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Lead Generation and Website Design: How to Make the Perfect Landing Page to land Organic Traffic

Perfect Landing Page to land Organic Traffic

Generating organic traffic is very hard. Anyone who says it’s pretty simple is out of their mind. These people are lying straight to your face. Take, for example, if you have a new website running, the contents will take at least five months before they will rank high on Google. You know why? That’s because Google will have to see how your content will fare with your competitor. They have to look at which between your content and your competitor’s can offer the user the best answer to their query. The search engine also wants to know if the content you are posting will fill the gap that your competitors ignored or haven’t checked out yet.

The content gap

Today’s structure doesn’t emphasize the number of links to your build to your site. No matter how many links you made, your site will not rank if it’s not good, quality wise. Worst case scenario, your website will get penalized if you force your way and try to manipulate the ranking of your site using unnatural links. We all know that Google doesn’t allow that. But there’s a way to speed up the entire process. You have to make your website conversion friendly and adequately optimize everything on your site, most importantly the landing pages. Make your website’s structure better. Make sure that if your website ranks higher, it will stay there for a long time. There are ways to do this. Let’s take a look.

You have to target the users, not just the search engines.

The people who visit your website is your greatest asset. People who buy your product or your potential email subscribers. Those are your target market. Build your site around that idea, not at the thought of getting the attention of the search engines. When you write your landing pages, you have to visualize the consumers and your target market, what they want and what will make them come back to your website.

(To know more about target users and search engines, you can visit

The persona of your target market

You have to know your ideal customer’s likes and dislikes. Know all the details about them, understand how they act or what they want to do. If you can, use their style and terms to get their attention. It builds a connection between you and your users and potential customers. The more organic traffic you get, the better.

Develop a structure before you launch your site

A site structure will be your advantage against your competitors. It will separate your website from others. Not only that, if you develop a hierarchy, your contents will be easy to navigate not only for your users but most importantly, to the search engine. A suitable structure can give your site more organic listings and can provide site links for search engines to crawl.

Make sure the main navigation pages are visible

If you make your main navigation pages visible, it allows users to gain access to relevant pages in your website. Not only that, it will give them a good user experience and improves your website’s traffic. More importantly, having your main navigation pages in the header will reduce the amount of bounce rate of your pages since readers will only visit other sites after they are finished reading your contents. It will give an idea to the search engine that your website provides the best answers to the user’s queries.

Build a strong and clear linking structure

If you have an active internal linking, it will be a good indicator that your website is an authority site. The site will gain more value if your landing pages are linked to the right keywords in the industry you are targeting. To achieve better ranking, you have to build the link to relevant pages of your site, more importantly, to pages that already gained traffic. It will give you an authority on that topic and will provide more value.

Use URL structures that are SEO-friendly

A good URL structure can help you boost the ranking of your website, which includes a good keyword. Search engines can read all the URLs easily, and they will know what your page is all about. Searchers will also remember what website to click and what to search. Make sure the design of your website is easy to navigate. You can hire a professional to do it for you, take a look at web design by Charlotte SEO. They have quality designers that will help you make sure that your site is SEO-friendly and easy to navigate.


As what Seth Godin said, website and business owners should have a clear goal of what they want with their landing page. You have to make sure that people will visit your pages, even if it is not a landing page. Your website should have an objective and make them optimized to work effectively. Getting organic visitors will give your landing page an opportunity to capture leads.

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