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Mobile App Development What Updates Do You Need to Improve Your App?

Mobile App Development What Updates Do You Need to Improve Your App

Do you know that the development of an application never stops, even after submission on blinds? Creating and putting an application online to abandon it afterwards is not advisable. We must constantly work to improve it, and that in all its aspects. Even if you prepare well before you embark on development , there will always be a thousand

and one ways to improve your application. This article will only introduce those that are the most important easiest to apply. Tips for application development Improvement # 1. Adaptation to new versions of operating systems Without a doubt, it is the most urgent and necessary improvement for any mobile application. Always keep the source update at any time. The innovations that Android and iOS bring from one version to another are not always huge, but every change, even the smallest one, can affect the use of your application. It’s also essential to stay abreast of what’s new in mobile devices, especially if you’re doing Android app development , because there are many

smartphones and tablets running this OS with different sizes. very different screen. Regularly analyze your users’ device types to adapt the display. Improvement # 2. Bug fixes Who ever happened to an application unexpectedly close? Even WhatsApp or Facebook, nothing is perfect. There is no ideal mobile app, and yours will surely not break this rule. nothing is definitive in application development, so it is possible to retouch to correct serious errors or bugs that appear sporadically. It’s a simple change that can bring you a lot. Users will notice this quickly, as getting rid of bugs will the risk of dropping your app. Improvement # 3. Follow trends in application design This is the most

complex enhancement that we recommend you only perform when you make major changes to your application. The design is inseparable from the image of your brand, so be careful not to lose the quintessence of it when you make changes. The world of applications is evolving at a fast pace, and it’s also important to consider new styles applied to Android, iOS and other operating systems. History shows that these changes can sometimes disrupt the design of applications. For example, in just a few years after the arrival of the flat design, also called flat design , all applications have been re-adapted to become more “flat” and simpler, while forgetting the older style, which has been used since almost a decade. Improvement # 4. Improve the effectiveness focus on improving your screen-by-screen application, but this is not always necessary. It is advisable to check from time to time its efficiency and ease of use. To do this, stop a moment to think about the details and only look at the whole project. Ask yourself these

questions: Is the registration process not too long, to despair users? Are there screens that have never been visited or unnecessary buttons? Improvement # 5. Offer new features Some companies stay on the market without really innovating, but most of them have to evolve to survive. This is absolutely vital for the digital sector. Mobile applications are part of this world, and you have to know how to adapt them to offer new features and services to users, with the goal of making your business profitable. Improvement # 6. Analyze and refine the user experience Having a great application idea and a business plan to make the competitors piss off is not enough to ensure Users may not like your application and leave it just after the download. If this happens to you, the interaction flow and user experience of your application may not be optimal. application development Source : BlueFletch in this case is to consult an application development professional who knows why your user behaves who will help you improve the operation of your product. Often, just a small editing is enough to get everything back in order. Sometimes,

rethinking the entire design and structure of the application may be necessary if you do not want your product to be relegated to the slums of online stores.

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