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Popular Misconceptions about Smart TVs

Popular Misconceptions about Smart TVs

Smart TVs are in simple terms televisions that can connect to the internet. In the recent past, retailers have come across some customers with very weird myths about Smart TVs that are shared below. Hope these Smart TV misconceptions help you understand Smart TVs better.

Smart Televisions Have a Touch Screen

Smart TVs do not have a touch screen like Smartphones have.  Would you want to stand up and go all the way to your TV just to increase the volume or change channels? Of course not, at first it will be fun touching your TV and tweeting on a 42 Inch Touch screen TV, but with time it will get boring. Have you ever lost your remote control and had to wake up from the sofa to the TV just to browse channels? It is the same thing.This is not to say that Touchscreen Smart Televisions don’t exist, they do exist and you have probably seen them online or on movies. These are usually pre-ordered Televisions.  You can’t go into any shop and buy one.

Smart TVs Come With Free Internet or Wi-Fi

Even though a lot of people own smartphones, not all people are smart. This is one of the craziest misconception about Smart Televisions. Most notably, Sony smart TVs don’t provide free internet, they actually rely on an internet connection for them to function. So if you are willing to buy a Smart TV and enjoy all its features, make sure you have fast and stable internet in your house. Normal internet bundles from a mobile device will work but be warned, TV streaming is a data guzzling affair.

Smart TVs Don’t Need an Antenna

Do Smart TVs need an antenna or aerial? The Answer is Yes and No. No because they connect to the internet and stream TV channels. But why would you want to stream a local channel while if it is freely available on the digital platform? So Yes, Smart TVs do need an antenna.Before the digital migration in Kenya started, we had smart TVs without digital tuners or Smart analogue TVs. But today all Smart TVs being sold come with a digital tuner for local channels. LG electronics has a Smart TV that is also a digital terrestrial as well as digital satellite TV.

Smart TVs Can Use A USB Modem for Internet Connection

No you cannot use a USB modem on a Smart TV for the internet connection. For the internet connection you need either Wi-Fi or a wired connection. The USB ports on any smart TV which are usually more than a traditional TV are usually for an external storage access.



Smart TVs Are Expensive and Only For the Rich

Expensive is a relative term, but know this for a fact, LED Smart Televisions are becoming cheaper as time goes by. That’s probably because OLED Curved TVs are the hot expensive thing right now. This is a big misconception since you can get cheaper models at Micromax and other dealers.


Even though some people may be economical with the truth, it is wise not to fall victim of these misconceptions.

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