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Software Publisher Choosing Your Marketing Automation Solution

Software Publisher Choosing Your Marketing Automation Solution

Buying and selling habits, in both B2C and B2B, have changed dramatically in recent years. It is clear today that software publishers have an interest in adopting marketing automation if they want to sustain their business. Only here, not all software companies have the same needs . And the different marketing automation solutions that exist on the market each have their advantages and disadvantages. The question then arises: which platform to choose, for which use and which objectives?

So we decided to write this article to analyze four automation marketing platforms among the most widespread today in France: Hubspot, Webmecanik, Pardot and Marketo. We will explain in what cases and for what purposes it is better to use one or the other.

For software companies, the Hubspot automation marketing solution is ideal for:

  • Attract qualified traffic . Hubspot allows you to track your keywords and their position in the search engine results pages; it also allows you to centralize your activity on social networks (program, automate, monitor, etc.); Finally, you can create a blog directly in Hubspot and therefore set up a content marketing strategy.
  • Convert traffic into contacts . Hubspot offers tools for call-to-action creation and tracking (CTA), forms, landing pages and emails that allow you to convert your visitors into leads.
  • Identify precisely the origin of the contacts . Organic traffic, social networks, referring sites, paid search, ect. Hubspot lets you know the most effective channels for you.
  • Easily measure the impact of marketing actions on sales , especially through the analysis of traffic sources, as we have just seen.
  • Take control of the tool quickly . Hubspot is indeed easier to understand than some other marketing automation solutions.

To learn more, ask for a free Hubspot demo!

Webmecanik is suitable if:

  • Your budget is limited . Licenses are cheaper than other marketing automation solutions.
  • You focus on automation, not acquisition . To get started, if you have to manage large databases, without having inbound marketing, Webmecanik is a good solution.
  • You want to connect your marketing automation to other platforms . Indeed, Webmecanik offers many integrations, especially with less popular CRMs like Pipedrive.
  • You want to be together . Webmecanik has a strong network of partner agencies for customer support (including Markentive). You will not have a hard time getting advice when setting up the tool and automation strategies.

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