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Some basic tips to optimize the loading time of your website

Some basic tips to optimize the loading time of your website

The speed of loading a website is an important factor for the user experience but also a key element for optimizing your SEO. That’s why, when creating your site, it’s important to find the balance between its graphic design and its lightness. In this article we will offer some tips that will significantly reduce the loading time of your pages.

1. Optimize your images

Use only images with JPG, GIF or PNG extensions: all other formats create larger files and thus load more slowly. Also pay attention to the dimensions of the photos that you integrate to your site: 1200 px of width is sufficient so that it appears correctly on the various types and sizes of screens. If your images are very heavy, we advise you to use online tools like Tibypng that will allow you to reduce their volume.

2. Cache your files

Caching is a process in which the content of your website is saved on static pages. Thus, when a user tries to load the content of a page, instead of launching the heavy scripts each time, he will directly receive the information from the static page that has been saved previously. This means, of course, that loading will take place much more quickly because the complex processes of generating a page are replaced by the simple task of reading a file.

3. Limit the use of widgets

Before you add a widget to your site, always  your customers really need it? If it’s not a simple accessory but an important tool for your strategy, we recommend you take the time to choose your widget and make sure it is optimized and will not slow down. not your site.

4. Take advantage of diagnostic tools

There are online tools that analyze your site and offer you different solutions to speed up its loading. Such is the case of Google PageSpeed ​​Insights for example that will offer you tips and tricks very useful and specially adapted for your website.

5. Choose your host

The quality of service offered by your host is also an important factor for the speed of execution of your web pages. Hosteur offers all its customers SSD storage that is reliable and fast. Directly connected to all access providers via Gbits connections, Hosteur guarantees you the best possible diffusion of your sites.

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