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The Pressures Of Reaching The Top On Google Search

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This topic has been looming in the minds of everyone who is involved in the marketing and sales industry. It is more relevant when it comes to the current era where seo and the internet based businesses have taken a huge leap in the past 10 years and does not look like they will stop anytime soon. This shows the extent to which the trend has changed in terms of what the people and in this particular case the customers want and how that impacts the decisions of the companies to change or add a few necessary alterations to their base of operations on the basis of their performance in the most important platform that exists today, which is the google search engine. Everyone wants to reach the top of the search or at the least be in the top 5 of them. But are the team of seo analysts really doing their best to achieve this feat? Or are they simply skimming off the top to just pretend to work and blame the google algorithm for changing or not favouring their website? Any professional that gives their expert advice for seo will tell you that the basis of any seo operations would be to pay close attention to detail and follow the small steps to ensure that success is attained in the large scale. When this is done everything else will fall into place.

Top 3 Or Top 5?

As mentioned before the expert advice for seo by professionals who have a ton of experience in this field would ascertain that the best ways to solve a company’s problem when it comes to search results and traffic is that the analysts are not doing enough or are not taking the right approach to it. There has to be adequate research that needs to be done to make the company stand out with the rest of them. Having said that it is not easy to achieve this feat when everyone else is doing the same for their companies. However, there are a few subtle nuances that the analysts can look at to better their direction towards achieving a great traffic and search result. These are simple things such as making social media tags, marking the images with tags, and also ensuring that the alt text and meta description is up to the standards of the company and what the search warrants for that particular topic.


When it comes to search results, internet traffic, and seo no number of expert advice from even the top and best analysts will suffice unless the alaysts of a company start to adopt these subtle changes.

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