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Tips for application development and mobile marketing

Tips for application development and mobile marketing

 the application online, it is important to maximize the promotion and reach the right target audience. How to do this in practice and how to promote your promotion in the best way? Here are below 6 tips in mobile marketing Tip

# 1: Develop apps for different app stores Developing your app for multiple app stores is essential to reach as many potential customers as possible. Keep in mind the technical specifications when developing the application. Do you

aim for the most downloads? are the most suitable. In addition, it is on the Apple App Store that we pay the most for an application. These two app stores are the best known in the market but other smaller players are also present, such as the They are relatively weak in Belgium but are still growing. At, you can create your applications for the largest app stores (Google and Apple) because they represent the largest market share.

    Tip # 2: Clearly mention an app store The search in an app store is similar to that in a search engine. The title and the texts in the description of the application are important to be easily found. ask yourself how you would look in the app store. Clearly state what the app has to offer, what its qualities are and why your app is better than others.

Tip # 3: Use and follow app reviews Reviews are important app comments and also provide valuable feedback on your customers’ user experience. A negative notice is removed only after an update of the application and if the same user writes a new notice. Also check all reviews on social media and react as quickly as possible. Tip # 4: Mobile marketing via the public relations machine Mobile marketing starts with a good PR strategy. Write a well-structured press release and clearly state what the app offers, what its purpose is and what are the unique features, and send it to influential news sites and bloggers in the field of mobile apps and marketing. The PR on mobile applications with the title save” or with spectacular figures such as “thanks to this application, you will avoid 10,000km of files” will be more easily taken over by the news sites and will be more easily retrievable. Beside that, it is also always useful to be taken back on sites of tests of applications.

 Tip # 5: Offline Mobile Marketing Also think of the different offline possibilities to promote your application like flyers, QR codes, URLs and logos on business cards, letters, invoices, etc … Make sure your mobile marketing possibilities are effective and create a recognizable image for your business. user when using your different communication channels.

 Tip # 6: Mobile Marketing Online Online mobile marketing quickly generate numerous downloads of your application. If the application is downloaded a lot, it will appear in the top 10 app stores. To get a place in the top 10 on the Apple App Store, your app must be downloaded more than 3,000 times a day. How to reach this number? With the mobile marketing services of, you can quickly boost the number of downloads, appear in the top 10 and put your application forward. You can also advertise on mobile, depending on the region, the type of phone, and so on, and more precisely determine your target audience. Want to know more about what mobile marketing can offer your business? Discover the mobile marketing possibilities of!

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