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Website builder vs web designer: which one to choose for your website

Website builder vs web designer: which one to choose for your website

When it’s time to create your website you have the possibility  pay a professional who can do it for you or decide to fend for yourself using a site building software.

What’s best for you depends on many factors. Before making your choice, try answering these questions that will help you determine which is the best solution for your needs.

Paying a web designer is expensive,  a good professional with experience. On average the work of a designer will cost you between 300 and 500 euros per day. If he has web developer skills and if he is an SEO specialist the figure could go much higher.

The creator of sites, for its part offers you an unlimited number of pages for a much lower price. Click , the builder site of Hosteur for example will cost you only 1 € HT per month. You can find here a demo version of the product and test the options it offers.

2 The work with a web designer can last long enough. If you want to entrust your site to a web agency that has already demonstrated its qualities, you can be sure that the team you will communicate with will not be responsible for your project. A freelancer will not make the job much faster as he will be working alone on the entire site. In addition, you will need  clarifying your values ​​and professional strategy to designers so that they can tailor your site to your needs and vision.

advise you to use a website builder. With the Drag and Drop software you can create your web pages literally with a few clicks of the mouse.

Answering this question is essential to make the right choice. If you have a small business that sells products online for example or if you have a family restaurant and  in the web, spending a large part of your budget for a good web designer is probably not the best. best idea for you. Creating your website without having any experience in design may seem complicated at first but you must not forget that website builders have been created for non-professionals. At Click you will find hundreds of free templates that you can use directly or modify to your liking. The intuitive software allows you to simply drag and drop the elements you like without ever writing a line of code.

If you still doubt that you could get by without professional help you can test Click for free as we have already mentioned. In our blog you will also find a lot of tips that will help you create an ergonomic website , give you tips for taking photos for your online shop or tell you the mistakes to avoid when building your company website. . need a website for a large company that has already been developed, but for some reason does not have a website or simply wants to redesign, we recommend you take the time and entrust this project to a professional. You can work together on a long-term strategy and determine the visual identity of your web presence. This will also allow you to unify the graphic style of your different brands and products if you had several.

Even if your business is small enough, it may need a website made by a specialist. If the customers you want to attract are people interested in design or in general art and technology, maybe it would be a good idea to surprise them with a more conceptual and less usual site. In this case we advise you to contact a web designer who will help you impress your customers.

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