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Who is the new iPad Pro for?

the new iPad Pro for

Powerful, expensive and aimed at a professional clientele, the new iPad presented by Apple on Wednesday will compete head-to-head with Microsoft’s Surface.

, presents the iPad Pro on September 9th. Apple can revive its range of tablets while iPad sales are running out of steam and that the phablette format – half phone, half tablet – iPhone 6 Plus comes directly hunt on the land of his tablet format mini? The apple brand finds in the size of its new iPad the answer to this question. After having initially decided in 2012 to propose a mini size of 7.9 inches to seduce the public, it offers a wide alternative to its 9.7-inch standard format to attract professionals: the iPad Pro has a diagonal of 12.9 inches, equivalent in size to most of its MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks. Its price is close to that of a good laptop: the new tablet will be sold from 799 euros. indeed important when using a tablet for professional use, the bet to seduce a new clientele “pro” can it work? A powerful machine To dredge business customers, Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing has heavily insisted on the internal capabilities of its new product: the latest generation A9X processor makes the iPad Pro ” faster than 80% of laptops out these last twelve months “. A credible but hardly verifiable figure, which refers to dozens of cheap and mainstream models produced by Asian manufacturers – computers that are not intended for the professional market. To demonstrate the performance of the machine, Phil Schiller did not also posted Candy Crush on the big screen of the keynote (annual conference) but Autocad, a drawing and industrial design software widely used. But it is not enough to perform muscular performance to satisfy the professional clientele: it must also give him work tools performance. The apple brand has unveiled a stylet – utensil which Steve Jobs announced, mocking, the obsolescence in 2007, extolling the merits of multi-touch on the finger. image:

Autocad on Ipad Pro. Detecting the pressure exerted, the accessory still costs 99 dollars (88 euros). Finally, the lack of keyboard was filled by the presentation of a smart keyboard: a magnetic cover for the iPad incorporating a keyboard. If that reminds you of something, it’s normal: it’s almost exactly the same system that Microsoft has been offering since 2012 with its Surface. The similarities between the two products have given rise to a lot of questions and jokes online, many netizens having exhumed a drawing dating from the launch of the Surface, three years ago, and predicting that Apple would eventually add a removable keyboard to its touch pads by presenting it as an innovation. If the two products are similar, there is a commercial reason: the iPad Pro targets the same users as Microsoft Surface Combined tablets: high-end models, expensive, for a professional clientele, trying to combine the benefits of the PC (computing power, flexibility of use) and tablet (long life battery, reduced weight and bulk …). Still few applications But the hardware could come up against a pitfall: an insufficient software offer. The selection of applications

iPad Pro includes equivalents of most commonly used desktop software, in specific versions for the tablet: Photoshop, Sketch, Office … Las, these versions “mobile + tablet “Rarely allow access to the huge range of options and features offered by desktop equivalents, especially in the areas of creation. In addition, many specialized software, used in design , for audio or video editing, accounting or other, are not available on the tablet – even when they have a Mac version. The general public of the iPad may not have encouraged developers to offer truly professional solutions when this clientele still used conventional PCs. The challenge of Apple also includes a change of image for its product: the brand must convince the usefulness of its machine so that developers come to adapt their applications. PC keeps key benefits

iPad, many studies have argued that tablets would ultimately replace computers, both in the office and at home. While PC sales have been declining in recent years, tablet sales have also come down this year – even though experts believe the professional market is far from saturated. But for reasons of ergonomics, software offer, and comfort for extended uses, computers stay a long way ahead. Notably because many applications require the use of a mouse – a tool to which Apple largely contributed in the mid-1980s.

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